Guitars through the Ages

The first time guitars spread across Europe is around the 12th century, but it is definitely not the first ever occurrence of a plucked string instrument with elongated neck. In Asia and more specifically Lebanon, there are images of such musical instruments from as far as 3,300 years before our time.
There are many types of structures and also built of these instruments, varying from .Guitars can be either acoustic or electric; they can even be air guitars. Although the latter is just an imagined type of instrument, it is all about the feeling one experiences when performing rather than the true sounds of it. That is why in the 20th century it was a very fashionable way to play music all around the world. With such a diversity in the field, it is hard to find a person who have not at least tried to play at least one type of this instrument, at all. They are always in fashion, be it because of metal music, blues or r’n’b – the everlasting passion and immense intensity of the sound that usually comes from the strings is something that cannot be ignored nor forgotten.
Nurtured by the multiple personality of guitars, music has changed into something bigger, something greater. This versatile instrument can easily be called the food of the ages and, just like the saxophone for jazz, gibson sg it can be named the soul of many genres such as metal, rock and country. Hopefully, the many uses and field of the sound will continue to live on and create even more fans throughout the world.

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