How to Calculate Space Required for your Marquee Event

Finding a location for an event might seem scary or even frustrating at first but if you follow the correct procedure, you are bound to come up with a good tent or marquee hire within no time. Pick a marquee that will comfortably fit all your guests and ensure that it does not look like it was picked up right from a bush.
To calculate the amount of space required, take the number of guests who will be seated and give them 10-12 square feet per person, 2 square feet for every person dancing and approximately 6 square feet for those partaking in the ceremony. The logic behind this formula is the assumption that not all people will dance at the same time. Allocate each serving table some 100 square feet and 200 square feet for the DJ booth. These figures have factored in aisles so you do not need to factor them in again. In case your reception will have 60 people, you will require about 600 square feet for all the tables plus 4 tables for serving, which will require 400 square feet and a further 300 square feet for the dance floor and the DJ booth. The table for holding the cake will need approximately 6 square feet. This will mean that you will need a total space of 1,306 square feet.
With this formula, you are guaranteed to get a marquee that actually fits your guests and one that caters for all your even activity. Before buying or hiring the marquee, ensure that you have enough space to prop it up.

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